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Jacquard Weaving

Social Fabric

This body of work presents digitally altered images taken from Facebook, re-contextualized through the process of Jacquard weaving as a way of examining online social relationships and social networks.  This work also pays homage to the history of computing and to the Jacquard loom’s significance as a forerunner to computer programming and the modern day computer as we know them today.



Fonz <3 Pizza72dpi




party of strangers 72dpi




party of strangers detail 72dpi




untitled youth 72dpi




lil' country boy 72dpi




lil' country boy detail 72dpi




comment thread 02 72dpi




hebba and camille 72dpi




hawt in here 72dpi




comment thread 01 72dpi




comment thread 01 detail 72dpi



 Anaglyph 3D

This experimental weaving applies Anaglyph 3D imaging to Jacquard cloth.  Upon viewing the weaving through red/blue glasses, a three dimensional houndstooth pattern is revealed in an integrated stereoscopic image.

Anaglyph Houndstooth