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Media / Sculpture


XKeyscore and other documents leaked by whistleblowers have exposed the panoptic nature of the internet and the extent of global surveillance that we are subjected to daily, whether or not we know or care. As governments and private corporations profit off of personal data and private information both politically and economically, transparency becomes vital in holding institutions accountable for their actions. XKeyscore is a tiny transparent sign that presents a primary source document leaked by Edward Snowden. The transparent sign challenges viewers to give it their full attention by slowing the process of reading down. What is enticing at first slowly becomes more and more mundane. Not before long, we move on and forget, much like the revelations themselves.




A live twitter feed that displays tweets tagged #Justice. This work was made as part of a larger group exhibition under the theme of social justice and youth at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The exhibition was put on in collaboration with the Michaƫlle Jean Foundation.




An abandoned bicycle that has been cut up and welded back together to make a zoetrope. The bicycle now animates itself riding in a never-ending loop.